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September 4, 2023

We at The Proptech Connection specialize in helping Technology Buyers, such as real estate + AEC companies, and (Corporate) Venture Capital investors benchmark and access the leading technologies globally. We use our global position to give insights into macro trends and also support strategies for adoption or deployment.

Further to this, we are then able to provide research on the leading technologies and companies, globally. We do this through our client's specific lens, and our work includes benchmarking and the curation of new technologies for investment or deployment. We are sector and theme agnostic and independent, we are truly objective.

We pride ourselves to be advising some of the largest global real estate projects + asset owners, as well as a few Fortune 500s. We are all day in market and have some of the leading insights in the Proptech space.

As a result we are seeing an uptick with inquiries to share our insights at private c-suite events, or company wide-presentations on strategy + innovation to provide a global context, and dynamic + valuable session for senior leadership.

Our team is booked to present, this format for a top 10 asset owner's global real estate team (500+ people) next month, as well for one of the largest sovereign wealth funds.

Time and time again our clients mention they see our value in our independent nature, and data-led market intelligence, with curated access to the leading technologies.

How do we do it?

Learning objectives

  1. Gain understanding of opportunity strong tech adoption process provides
  2. Develop the tools to decipher need and adoption rationale
  3. Be able to define the stages of adoption
  4. Be able to explain the features of good problem analysis
  5. Define the difference between opportunity scouting and problem solving
The PTC Introduction to Report

Some of the topics we have been doing research on is:

  • How asset holders can defend against the issues with appealing to the next generation of asset users
  • Where does ESG fit on the stack now with all these headwinds
  • The role of AI- will it reduce or increase demand for space
  • How does AI stack up with ESG (AI usage is very C02 intensive)

Are you interested to learn more, or offer your team an interactive workshop? Please do get in touch to learn more.

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