Our process for CVC

Structured examination and evaluation of opportunity

Our structured approach ensures that the final set of companies and technologies recommended are those best aligned with our investor client's strategic goals and investment criteria.  

Our investment methodology works via a staged approach where each level of investment analysis is married to the breadth of companies in market and our client's outlined investment thesis and their greater investment strategy.  

Each stage of reduction involves a deeper analysis, where companies are evaluated based on specific market attributes, investment compatibility, the company's commercial traction and our client's investment strategy.

Methodical execution

Strategy & objective calibration

Centred on key objectives delivery, we methodically analyse the key elements of the investment scope. Through each stakeholder’s lens, we interrogate, risk assess and benchmark to market, to either validate or suggest reframing the client’s investment thesis.

Market research & scanning

Unpacking the relevant technology types, we provide insights into the drivers and status of each offering. Using global examples, we use data backed analysis to map, validate and predict future developments, to validate our clients investment prospect.

Benchmark & scoring

Designed to identify relevant investment opportunities, we use our expert market knowledge to globally scan the market for star companies. Applying our proprietary assessment process, we benchmark and score the leading candidates.

Ranking & tier 3 assessment

We believe in offering a personalised, bespoke service. One size does not fit all. We take the time to rank solutions according to tier 3 assessment criteria established based on the investors outlined investment thesis and  standard attributes of the specific market.  

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Case study: Net zero delivery


A major APAC asset owner and CVC approached The Proptech Connection seeking support on how best to deliver on net zero targets. They had invested in clean / Proptech funds and had also optimized a number of aspects of their portfolio; however they sought more direct access to potentials. Their aim was to explore utilise the investment to service their greater portfolio and develop a synergistic relationship with a leading new tech provider in the space.

  • Lack of technical expertise – Expertise within the organisation was very industry based and led to past investment decisions conducted within a narrow thesis leading to missed opportunity.
  • Narrow assessment framework – Existing assessment frameworks were conducted independently from one another, failing to conduct holistic comparative assessment.
  • Maturity variance - Previous assessments had struggled to define solution maturity against market maturity when evaluating investment opportunities.

Our approach

  1. Strategy & objective calibration - We analysed the key considerations of the investment team and held numerous meetings to establish their need and expected outcomes. We benchmarked the CVC against global peers and highlighted leading investment strategies they could consider to augment their own.
  2. Market research & scanning - Our breakdown of market provided confidence and clarity through defining key tech concepts and categorisations. We provided market analysis and mapped future developments within a fast-moving space to provide direction for the client’s investment thesis.
  3. Benchmark & scoring - Performing a global market scan of star solutions, we captured 1k global technologies that were able to meet the broad investment criteria, mapping top solutions to a scale of maturity, client direct applicability and market need.  
  4. Ranking & tiered assessment – utilising our digital platform Connect we scored the filtered solutions to individual assessment criteria established based on our client’s need and outlined objectives, allowing us to rank the companies based on their fit for the client.

Key outcomes

  • A defined Investment thesis and agreed metrics for assessment.
  • ‍Benchmarking and scoring completed on the leading 16 technologies in the space.
  • Use of our exclusive Connect tool to share internally with colleagues and build the IC framework.
  • Pre-meetings conducted by The PTC led to accelerated decision-making and investment selection.

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