Ivo van Breukelen to present at Chicago Build Expo's conference

Published on
October 9, 2023
October 9, 2023

Ivo van Breukelen, one of our Managing Partners, will be presenting at Chicago Build Expo's conference.

Presentation title:

"Global market insights in Proptech.

Shift: The new era of real estate and construction.

Learnings: Tech transforming real estate + AEC

Where will tech lead us in the future?"

Ivo will open the conference at 10am, October 11th, at McCormick Plaza in Chicago.

Ivo will be sharing The Proptech Connection's insights on the intersection of real estate, construction and technology.

In our view, Contech has been the consistent leader from an emerging tech, tech adoption, and investment perspective.

There are several reasons for this: short sales cycles, compared to long-lead CRE products, make the “path to cash” much quicker and heighten the chance of young techs being able to self-sustain. Also, construction globally, is still very labor intensive and many of the more advanced economies are suffering the same issues; higher cost of labor and materials.

It's great to put Chicago on the map as a buzzling and vibrant city, with an engaging and very welcoming business community.

The design and construction community will be strongly represented at CBE, so be good to catch up with other stakeholders and our team looks forward to seeing you there!

To participate & more information check here.

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