the proptech connection

A bridge to the future



the proptech connection was formed to provide the bridge linking world class technologies with forward-thinking Property Corporates. 

Based in Sydney, Australia, we have evaluated 500+ PropTech investment opportunities, positioned dozens of SMEs in the ANZ market and have extensive knowledge of pain points for the Property Corporates. This has allowed us to establish a model that allows technology companies to develop the right product offering and enables our corporate partners to seamlessly integrate new solutions.

We have also partnered with the largest US based global property players, giving us a unique postion to offer ANZ based technology companies funding and US market access whilst also delivering global and bespoke technology solutions to local Property Corporates.


What we do

Technology. Connect. Growth

Emerging PropTech Companies

We provide a comprehensive range of services to emerging companies- from helping you secure capital; winning that next customer; or succesfully expanding into new markets. We can help.

Property Corporates

No corporate reviews, no investment into a fund, no accelerator programmes- just tailored solutions of world-leading technologies that will optimise your portfolio or company's performance. We filter the market so you don't have to.


Our Values

Long-term Partnerships Underpinned By Clear Values and Committment

Alignment- our success is based on sharing our partners vision and having a clear understanding of what we want from each other

Integrity- our reputation is crucial to our success. We continuously strive to add value and are also open about where we can't help. Our ability to deliver value for our partners is paramount to what we do 

Excellence- we tirelessly seek out and partner with the best technologies and industry leaders with a focus on being at the forefront of change

Authenticity- true desire to see our partners benefit from the power of innovation and technology, whether it be the launch of a global business or revolutionising a portfolio



Level 3, 58 Riley Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, 2010

+61 449 966 323