Our process for proptechs

Differentiated, streamlined, and seasoned expertise in capital raising

In addressing the needs of our clients, our approach centres on refining and enhancing their offerings and commercial capabilities, leveraging our extensive market knowledge and the clients own specialism.

The ability to distinctively stand out and articulate unique value propositions is paramount, we work with clients to shape their offering and assist with strategic direction for both commercial and fund raising success.  

Core to our methodology is the feature attribution and assessment framework we have built out specifically to help frame Proptech's strengths and weaknesses against industry benchmarks, so that any gaps can be remediated or repositioned.  

Methodical execution

Comprehensive discovery sessions

We conduct a series of discovery sessions to dissect the central offering of our Proptech client's business, while capturing their business model, commercial traction and core values.

In-depth business assessment

After the discovery sessions we segregate different business functions and assess them with our Relevance, Excellence, and Preference (R-E-P) framework to score the current state.

Comparative analysis and insight

Employing past cases and data backed insight we compare the company's model and offering to existing examples by sector and model depending on applicability to the client’s value proposition.

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Case study: Growth articulation


A highly disruptive market-maker, who was servicing large enterprise financial institutions via its marketplace and tech stack, had developed a number of smart offerings but was challenging to explain succinctly a highly complex solution. The Proptech sought support to build a cohesive strategy and roadmap alongside a new investor narrative as they sought to continue a steep growth trajectory.

  • Articulating complex & diverse offerings – Non-traditional financing option required a degree audience education to understand value while multiple cross- sector applications further complicated the value proposition.
  • Strategic direction – A combination of a white-label tech stack, back-end applications and strategic partners allowed for potential offerings across various sectors and markets, in which strategic direction had to balance opportunistic pursuits and core focus.
  • Niche investment space – multi-faceted business model and offering did not meet many traditional pure Proptech, pure Fintech or pure Insurtech investment thesis so hard to place.

Our approach

  1. Deep analysis – Conducted assessment of performance and current strategy, considering comparative peer analysis, and referencing adjunct models.  
  2. Repositioned strategy - Emphasised the need to streamline product roadmaps, technology development roadmaps, and financials to clarify investor story.
  3. Curated investor intros – Worked with a targeted list of strategic investors who could augment existing cap table, employing our digital assessment platform Connect to present a consolidated profile of the client.

Key outcomes

  • Built out strategy prioritization and roadmap for combined business.
  • ‍Amplified key challenges and opportunities to drive changes within parts of the business.
  • Brought key leadership and Group Board clarity of future strategy and changes.
  • 88 potential investors assessed and identified.
  • Helped secure funding from existing investors and new strategic partners in core markets for growth.

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