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We bring together the leading market participants to get deals done.

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Propel your growth with a partner who understands your business.

Capital introductions

Ready to fund your next growth cycle? It’s important to know how much you want to raise, the valuation models that make sense for your strategy and how you can speed up the process of raising funds.

Having reviewed over 1,700 Proptech deals and executed numerous investment rounds. That’s where we can make a difference – by taking the pain out of raising capital.

The PTC's investor network is ready to deploy capital. We’ll help you find the right match, and make sure your pitch hits the mark.

Proptech advisory

We can work with you across marketing, finance and strategy functions. Bring your Proptech story to life with market-ready decks, models and simplify complex ideas into a compelling value proposition that combines narratives and numbers.

Business Development-as-a-Service (BDaaS)

Drawing on our global market intelligence, we’ll make sure your use cases align with commercial challenges. We will also get you those sales meetings, with the decision maker.

And our global team is ready to help you expand to the next stage in alternative or adjacent markets when you’re ready, plugging into our local distribution networks.

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