What do we do? - About us

Our purpose is clear: to help the world's leading companies transform the built environments in which we live, consume and work. We bring together the leading market participants to get deals done. New tech, real estate and venture capital are constantly engaging with each other, but don’t speak the same language. At the PTC, we have invested in Proptech, we have bought Proptech and we have delivered Proptech. Therefore, whether you are an investor, tech buyer or Proptech – we know what matters, offering unique services for a variety of use cases.

What is Place by the PTC?

Place is The PTC's propriety platform for Proptech solutions, where users can browse solution providers for their projects. Scoring can be mis-leading as suitability is unique depending on user needs, that's why Place assesses providers against each other based on market and tech attributes, not via a rank.

What is Connect by the PTC?

Using our proprietary technology and expertise, you will be able to finally access Proptech in a way that meets your needs – cutting out the noise and speeding up adoption for everyone. Connect provides a standardised platform of assessment, a space for teams to consolidate investment prospects.

How to register on the platform

Currently Connect and Place is available for The PTC clients only and their respective partner organisation members. Please contact us at admin@theproptechconnection.com to assist onboarding to Connect or Place.

What can I do on Connect?

Source: Connect provides you with access to relevant Proptech's captured by the PTC

Curate: Access PTC select Proptech's that match your thesis and add Proptech's to your watchlist.

Evaluate: Assess Proptech's through the provided PTC analysis on relevant metrics and thematics.

Engage: Book meetings with Proptechs via connect platform, reducing the lead time to invest.

What currency are all the values on Place and Connect?

All financial values are displayed in USD.

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