Who are The Proptech Connection?

Our purpose is clear: to help the world's leading companies transform the built environments in which we live, consume and work. We bring together the leading market participants to get deals done. New tech, real estate and venture capital are constantly engaging with each other, but don’t speak the same language. At The PTC, we have invested in Proptech, we have bought Proptech and we have delivered Proptech. Therefore, whether you are an investor, tech buyer or Proptech – we know what matters, offering unique services for a variety of use cases.

What is the Real Estate Future Forum and The Proptech Connection partnership?

The Proptech Connection have entered a partnership with the Real Estate Future Forum with the goal of driving innovation in the Kingdom of Saudi, leveraging The PTC’s extensive market knowledge and digital proprietary platform.

What is the RFF + Place platform?

The RFF + Place platform is an iteration of The PTC’s proprietary platform Place, built for exclusive RFF attendees access. Place is an all-in-one platform dedicated to providing curated benchmarking and analysis of Proptech's from around the globe

What companies feature on the RFF + Place platform?

Currently, the Proptechs showcased on the platform are under the thematic selected by the Real Estate Future Forum for its members. The thematic selected for the first quarter of 2024 is “Pre-fab, Modular and 3D printing for construction”.

How to register on the platform

Please visit the Sign up page of the platform and enter your Full name, Company name and Company email, ensuring that you Company name and email are correct so that you get attached to any of the appropriate associated accounts.

Then, create a password, passwords must contain at least:
- 1 uppercase letter
- 1 number
- 1 special character

After submitting, you will be taking to a holding page while your application to the platform will be reviewed and approved by our team and we’ll be in touch via email shortly.

Can I invite other users in my organisation?

Yes, our platform allows for up to 5 users on the platform under one account. All users need to belong to the same organisation and have the same email domain. To invite other users, click "Invite team members" under the profile image dropdown in the top right corner of the page.

Why do I have access to only some of the analysis pages on Home?

On the RFF attendees plan, Place users have access to 50 + companies featured on “Home”, where the “Overview”, “Offering” and “Market Insights” sections are available. Home functions as a market scan and demonstrates The PTCs market capture of a select thematic. The 10 curated companies on “For You” offer greater depth of analysis, where The PTC have selected highlight companies for RFF attendees interest.

The project section of platform isn’t available for me?

The Project section of Place is a digital strategy synopsis for The Proptech Connections clients to use for their projects. It is not available for the standard RFF + Place membership, please reach out to The Proptech Connection to engage our services if interested.

I’m struggling to access my account

Please contact our live support team at admin@theproptehconnection.com to assist any technical issues.

What plan do I have access to as an RFF member?

RFF attendees have access to the Gold package, giving them access to companies in the “Home” and ‘For You” sections of the platform.

On the GOLD plan users have access to:

Home provides access to 3 sections -  “Overview”, “Offering” and “Market Insights”

For you provides access to the 3 sections in home + 3 additional sections - "Track record", "Deploy + Use" and the "Company Profile"

How can I switch plans on the platform?

To switch plans from the RFF attendees plan for further information and deeper analysis, contact The PTC to engage our services.

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