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Our tech and innovation services - RFF

We have adapted our service offering to give RFF attendees three different options to access to our global insights, knowledge, and tech network and help leading Saudi Arabian real estate firms to transform and innovate.
Advancing Innovation

Introducing innovation

Bring innovation to the company core with our insights on market and problem-solving workshops directed at your needs.
  1. Future trends report: Our world-leading insights on future trends, tailored to your strategic goals.
  2. Adoption workshops: Focused sessions for Board-level or SMEs on applying and analyzing practical use cases.
Verifying and sourcing

Implementing innovation

In addition to the Introducing Innovation outputs we work with you on specific use cases and substantiating your technology needs.
  1. Market placing report: Overview of global market and tech strategies leading firms are using.
  2. Tech types: Analysis and interrogation for tech types and leading tech providers assessed.
  3. Execution partner: We will work with you to reach out to partners and ensure suitability and efficient adoption.
Mapping and Sourcing

Innovation across the firm

In addition to the Implementing Innovation outputs we work to create a detailed assessment of your strategy and recommendations to improve.
  1. Strategic assessment report: Deep assessment of current strategy, benchmarks, future goals and actions to address.
  2. Project review: Create an overall project charter for internal and external stakeholders to aid tech adoption and RFP processes.
  3. Multiple use cases: Work with you on up to 3 distinct use cases over an engagement to ensure widespread tech adoption and cultural change in organization.
  4. Tech scanning reports: Updated relevant global insights from tech providers, competitors and trends in related industries for awareness and knowledge.

Curated specifically for your project, our assessment platform delivers your techs in one space.

Fast track selection
Sidestep the delays, head straight to results.

Enhanced buy-in
All stakeholder visibility, enabling decision making.

Tailored assessments
We distill the market, specific to your objectives.

Swift clarity
Reach definitive decisions, supported by data.

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