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We provide the perfect environment for emerging PropTech companies to grow and connect with Property Corporates whilst enabling Property Corporates to have access to world class technologies without large upfront costs. Click on the below to find out more about how we can work together.


PropTech Companies

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Will you invest? How much to raise? What valuation? What documents and model do we need? With our Fund partner committed to investing in ANZ, it is crucial these questions are answered correctly. Having seen 500+ investment propositions and ran a number of investment rounds for VC funds, we can help you through the whole process. Done well, this can propel your company to the next level. Done poorly, this can have serious ramifications for your company, with time wasted and no investment gained.

Revenue Generation

The Real Estate sector is unique. One size does not fit all for a product offering and significant work is required around tailoring solutions to target the right customers. Ensuring the correct markets and customers are targeted with a compact and relevant customer value proposition is crucial to success. Our team brings its wealth of experience and knowledge of working with successful SMEs and the knowledge of the Property Corporates pain points to navigate this. Moreover, our unique relationships with owners allows you to fast-track your technology to internal advocates, maximising chance of success.

Global Expansion

The natural step for many SMEs who have succeeded in ANZ is to launch in a foreign country. It is a big step for many and execution risk is high and potentially costly. Questions like- How do I get access to the major customers and funds there? Do I set-up an office there? Do I "flip up"? the proptech connection has strategic arrangements in place with the largest PropTech funds in the world. As a partner of the proptech connection, you have access to these funds and their client base. They will help mitigate these risks and help ensure a smooth and de-risked land and expand strategy.

ANZ Landing Hub and Distribution Channel

Landing in a new territory is expensive and high risk. the proptech connection is here to mitigate that risk by assisting you on your ANZ launch and providing immediate distribution capability from which to deliver your product. As a partner, we are offering you the ability to plug-into our network of Property Corporates.


Property Corporates

Partners. Visionaries.

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Technology Origination

We use our expertise in the market to source the best global technologies and trends for our partners. This allows Property Corporates to stay ahead of the market without having to spend significant sums on internal teams or investing in funds to access this market information.

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Technology Solutions

We provide a range of solutions that assist Property Corporates in sourcing the best, global, technologies. We work with you in understanding your key areas of interest and delivering companies or solutions that will improve your company's performance.